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Resorts for Couples in Lonavala – Khandala

Our Resort offers great cheap bungalows very affordable with swimming pools, it is very unique in its site seeing and ambience, also very hospitable as you can have it on rent even for a day, just for trial purposes. Our resort welcomes couples too who will like to have a resting place and enjoy the serenity of nature all in one place. The bungalows are well furnished with all necessary amenities and additional treats like, free breakfast on call, free water and free wifi connection as well as welcome tour.

We only decided that hence many people from all works of life after having a long day and hard-work with less budget, we tend to fulfill the needs of all as our targets increases monthly on an average of 300 visitors monthly and well as our ratings keeps improving, it is easy to find on the map and also 2 kilometers from the railway station and 1 kms from the tropical forests, great site seeing from the bungalows as well as the natures fresh breeze and morning sunrise gives you a complete experience and valuable stay. 


All these packages in a cheap rent and cooling off in the swimming pool makes our resort one of the best sorted and searched resort in lonavala, we also have guides in case of first timers so you won’t have a problem roaming into town or in the forest, with high security and safety 100 % assured, we delve in satisfying our customers and take it as our number one priority.

All this for a day experience will make you want to spend more time with us, the Bungalows have all working facilities from dry cleaning to a cottage sit out for those who love to read and just relax in the sun. The swimming pool is only 5 feet deep and has a smaller pool for kids and also a play group for those kids afraid of the swimming pool. We care for everyone, couples, singles, family and friends. 

We have the best of the best for the very value of your money, the more aim of having an affordable rent is because we want you to enjoy natures best at very little in order to be part of the family tree of nature, in this way we satisfy your friends and family that you have recommended to us in our care. As the saying goes “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” these openness welcomes you to natures best cheap bungalow here in lonavala. 

You can refer us to your friends and family for a treat here in Lonavala for cheap bungalows for rent and not just for a monthly or annual rent but also for a day, you are always welcome. 

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